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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  December 27, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in connecticut. since then, we have been looking at gun sales here in maryland. barry simms has an update auras. >> we have checked with maryland state police on the processing of gone applications and it appears those numbers are on the rise. the bushmaster rival adam lanza used in the newtown killings was legally owned and registered to his mother, nancy lanza. she was also a victim of her son from a murderous rampage. police say he shot her four times in the head before going to sandy hook elementary and shooting 20 schoolchildren and six female educators. gun sales are on the increase. according to maryland state police, and in november there were more than 7200 gun purchase applications filed. >> we are projecting over 8200 purchase applications for december to be processed.
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>> more than 46,000 applications were processed and at the end of 2012, state police project at least 62,000 will be handled. troopers will not speculate on why, but some reasons are apparent. the holiday season, high-profile crimes, and lawmakers who advocate measures to change on lot. >> i think when people see school children slaughtered, they get the message that something has to change. that is our hope. >> according to fbi crime statistics, last year maryland had 398 murders. to hundred 62 were committed by people using firearms. 260 to happen by way of handguns. 3 by unknown firearms. >> i call on congress today to act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary to put an armed police officer in every single school. >> that is the security stance of the national rifle
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association. in a texas school district, armed teachers do not protect the students. armed teachers due. >> many different people can be taught to act effectively guard others with firearms. >> but one lawmaker will vote against the that. >> for those who have a concealed carry permit, you cannot have that gun in a place where there is going to be children. you cannot bring it into a youth center, a library. you can most certainly not bring it into a school. this madness must stop. >> one more comment from state senator ferguson. he says this is a complex problem and it will take a complex solution. reporting live from the newsroom, barry simms, della's >> thanks, barry. 3 people have been charged in the death of a 21-year-old baltimore peon -- baltimore man.
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police say that asia la'trice cutler told her boyfriend donte harris. police say that's she told police she found her boyfriend leading in an alley. also charged, two accessories. several people needed rescuing after a prince george's county apartments caught on fire. it is located at the 9100 block of edmonton terrace. that massive winter storm that has already brought heavy snow, icy roads, and even tornadoes is now pounding new england and it is being blamed for more than a dozen deaths. heavy snow caused a mass on the roads and in the sky. and airports across the country
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face cancellations and delays. the average wait time? several hours. that tested passengers' patience. >> it was delayed and delayed and missing a connecting flight, so -- yes. >> it took awhile to get the car unstuck. >> at home, we experienced a range of conditions from icc to snow and rain. what can we expect for the weekend? let's go to tony pann to find out. >> the wind was gusting over 40 miles per hour earlier this afternoon come up settling down now. let's look at what we can expect this weekend. it is clear. it will be called. but it will not be nearly as windy at sunset -- the sun has already set. we could get a little bit of snow on saturday. i will talk a little bit more about that in the seven-day. but the wind was strong enough to knock out our this afternoon.
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nadia, what is going on? >> tony, about 7800 bge customers are without power. with the possibility of a snowstorm this weekend -- you can see a lot of this stuff behind me will come in handy. bottom line, it seems like mother nature is not cutting us any slack this date. >> mother nature is kicking our butts. >> this is the time of year when things quieted down. perhaps mother nature did not get the memo. >> because we did not have of winter last year. is revenge time. >> states like connecticut and new york or hammered with snow this week, and here in maryland, folks were stocking up on bags of salt and shovels to deal with the wintry mix of snow, sleet, and rain. >> yes, it is windy today.
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>> and we may not be out of the woods just yet. these high winds are gusting at 45 m.p.h. and expected throughout central maryland throughout the night. bge has been preparing all day for possible power outages due to the high winds, which could pose a challenge for crews. >> there may be times when it is unsafe for us to use our bucket trucks. to be assured that we are out there. >> it is likely that we will have one more weather event to contend with this week. ava marie has been monitoring a possible storm system for saturday. >> because it passes to the south, that will allow colder air to spill into the state's. so, places that did not get the snow over the christmas holiday
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may very well see it on saturday. >> and maryland state highway officials tell us they are prepared for the possibility of a storm this saturday. reporting live, develop right >> you can track snow using our iphone and android app. also, get the updated forecast every day apple just click on weather. one big item that congress did not cross over -- cross of the christmas list -- the fiscal cliff. is congress any closer to a compromise? we have more on that from washington. >> kate, house speaker john boehner is calling lawmakers back to washington on sunday with the votes scheduled for early evening. right now, there is no fiscal agreement for them to vote on. with the nation teetering on the
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brink, president obama return to washington to work on a deal. >> the american people have a right to be upset with this congress. >> the finger pointing continues with democratic leaders accusing house speaker john boehner of putting his political ambitions ahead of the country's fiscal help. >> it is obvious what he is doing. he is waiting until january 3 to get reelected as speaker before entering serious negotiations. >> boehner says that senator reid should "talk less and legislate more." >> republicans have spent over backwards. we have stepped way, way out of our comfort zone. >> the standoff continues. >> right now, the house and senate are in the blame game. each says the onus is on each other to cover the fiscal cliff. >> both sides hope for a deal,
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but hopes are fading. and some observers say the deal is more likely after the new year after the tax cuts expire. >> then they will be cutting taxes instead of voting to raise taxes. it is a small distinction, but an important one for some republicans. >> president obama spoke to congressional leaders before he left hawaii by phone yesterday. senator mcconnell says he would be happy to look for to any proposal from the president. >> economists have warned that failure to address the fiscal cliff could send our country back into recession. maryland live! casino now open 24-7. before they closed at 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. on friday and saturday. but this morning the anne
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arundel location , that stores for the very last time. >> they unlocked at 8:00 and there was a waiting line to get in. this is all early buzz for the 24-hour operation. before now, the casino had to close its doors, but not any more. and adult beverages here are now sold around-the-clock. >> 24 hours a day -- all day long, all night long, all year long. we are pretty excited about that. >> i think it is great. it will bring more revenue into the stage. i think it is win-win. >> i think it is great. it makes it more like vegas. >> this comes before a big night of the year for the entertainment industry -- new year's eve. maryland live! expects to do well on its own and to draw
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crowds from nearby bars and restaurants that have to close early. >> we will have the full menu. we invite you to come by. >> we're in process of firing all the personnel necessary for table -- of hiring all the personnel necessary for table games. dealer school begins next week. >> they are looking at a possible table game expansion. >> that against the week after next with blackjack tables. jennifer franciotti, wbal tv-11 news. >> i head of the playoffs, t- shirt printing and has begun. that story, when we return. >> and where does one find motivation? in cincinnati, they look to their dark hearts. that story is ahead in sports. >> we will talk about snow this weekend in just a few minutes. first, a look upside.
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partly cloudy at the
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>> now that the ravens are officially chance of the afc north, retailers are trying to cash in on that success. one company recently got the license from the nfl players association to use names and likenesses on t-shirts. >> during playoff runs, the town
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embraces the players coming even more than normal. they really in deer themselves to the fan base. >> yes, they do. the shirts will be available in ravens merchandise centers around the area. >> now your forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> we have the wind, no precipitation. the winds were gusting over 45 m.p.h.. it is settling down now. overnight, the wind will continue to diminish. we did it take up a 20 mile an hour gusts at the airport at the top of the our. if you are going to be out this evening, you want to dress for the 20's. 21 in parton, 25 in edgewood. the actual temperatures are around 40 degrees. partly cloudy skies. 32 in westminster.
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44 in rising sun. by the time you wake up tomorrow, the wind will be gone. you will not have to calculate any wind chill, but it will be a chilly start on friday. here is this note. on the backside of this, the wind was whipping up. is made its way all the way down here to maryland, obviously. you may have noticed some cloud cover over the afternoon. excuse me. that will continue overnight tonight. you will see some cloud cover tomorrow morning. that will allow the temperatures to drop off. the next system is developing in the southern plains here. this one does not look nearly as strong. always look for a blockbuster snow event out of this. it is not going to be a major nor'easter type thing. let's start the timeframe at 6:00 in the evening tomorrow.
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you see a ridge of high pressure here at home. we'll take the time frame into saturday afternoon. you see this move across the southern plains. it is not a very strong storm. again, do not expect a lot of snow out of this. we will get minor accumulations it looks like. we will start to get some of that during the day tomorrow. then we will end up with another breezy and chilly day close to the weekend. the forecast for the rest of tonight -- skies clear, winds diminish, temperatures drop into the mid-20's. at the high temperature is right around 41 degrees. a typical winter day here in maryland. snow is possible on saturday. again, we will start testing how much snow we will get during the day tomorrow. not going to be a big storm. to not be looking for a shutdown and all that kind of stuff.
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it does not look like a bad problem on new year's day either. >> this is 11 sports. >> on wednesday, ray rice earned a spot on the roster for a third time. no debate on that. and today it got a little bit better. he was named the afc player of the week. you could have a little debate about who should win it. how about his quarterback? against denver, it was one of the worst games joe flacco has ever played. but how about this? no turnovers. could have, should have been the player of the week. it does not matter. this drastic change -- it needs an answer. >> i think the guys execute extremely well. that is the bottom line. the guys are executing, executing extremely well. when you do those things right,
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everything falls in place. you know the old adage. take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves. that is what we believe. >> . goals -- the bengals -- there is the matter of the week one beatdown from the ravens. it kind of sticks in their cross. >> we want to keep this going. we do not want to go by because we are scared. plus, it is baltimore. we do not like them. >> well, there you have it. >> ryan has led a nine-ring circus. this press conference may have been the low point. >> come to find out that barry was not exactly truthful with our training staff after the game. you know, he never disclosed any
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symptoms after the game to our trainers. right now, he is being evaluated for a concussion. i am going to start mark sanchez. he had a stir earlier in the season. >> and tim too is not -- tim tebow is not too happy about. of course not. and rural mcelroy thrown under the bus in a dramatic fashion. sticking let tim tebow, the guy for whom the jets traded a fourth round pick and paid $4 million this season -- never started a game. >> should i ask you about the theory about them using tebow as a scapegoat? or are you not allowed to comment? >> there are a lot of things going on with the jets'. a lot of people better there
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will be gone. >> so, it does not matter? we will be back.
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>> here is a look at what we're working on for you for 11 years tonight's. how officials at the port of baltimore are preparing in case negotiations fail before a deadline saturday. and how you could get your hands on ravens playoff tickets. the stories a
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>> so, what is your favorite car -- what is your favorite color? [laughter] >> blue, by the way. light blue. there you go. >> really? >> we did not leave you lots of time. let's look to the seven-day forecast. quiet day tomorrow. typical winter day. the storm coming on saturday will not be a blockbuster evan. do not look for them to close all the streets and all that stuff. we will get some accumulation out of it. it is just hard to say exactly how much. going into 2013, the rain will be pretty quiet. >> thank you, tony.
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thank you, pete. thank you for joining us. we will see you back here
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